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Great meat products, great staff.....but no transparency regarding their meat suppliers/slaughterhouses/abattoirs etc being Humane Slaughter or Halal…
Transparency Please, December 14, 2019
Ice cream is vewy god
dev beach, December 01, 2019
dear Asda Boldon, I contacted you a few weeks ago regarding your trolleys and you deserve a well done, as at least some of them have been serviced.…
Kestan Tocy Nigab, November 25, 2019
1.RFC INTERNATIONAL offers products with best nutrition and with a longer holding time. I love the quality of products and the good thing is these…
William Jessie, November 23, 2019
Holly and Keith went all the way to get me a 6 pack of coke¿
Zachery Greer, November 19, 2019

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