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Iris House, Dock Road South
CH62 4SQ Wirral
Merseyside, England

0151 346 2900


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Joanne Source: Cylex | 06.07.2017
Very good
It's zero waste to landfill and they collect my bin when they should. Much better than other waste companies I've used. Excellent service and fair price.
Stan Bertgen Itpox Source: Cylex | 30.12.2015
Disgusted! we own the number 1 cattery in the UK and are based in liverpool, we filled out a form online for a quote to have our cat waste removed, next thing we know a salesman turns up at our business without notice, anyway he gives us a quote and we tell him that if we're interested we'll get back to him, he then phones everyday for the next week -while were away on holiday so we phone the office to ask them to stop phoning us and if were interested we'll get back to them. the following week he's still calling so we make an appointment for him to call round again. we sign a 12 month contract for £23 per empty for an 1100 litre bin, we were told a wagon would come to do the empty. after waiting a week the bin hadnt arrived so we had to phone to chase it up, -because it was a week late we asked for it be emptied the next day which they said would be fine. -the bin turns up later in the week and we were told by the office he would be emptying it straight away, -we didnt have time to fill the bin and most of the cat waste was still in the cattery, isolation and small animal hotel so there was only a few bags that were taken away. a man in a white van does the emptying -he has to climb in the bin and lift each bag out by hand and load in the back of his white van, he said that if any split he wasnt responsible for cleaning it up. -how unprofessional does this look -man in a white van in our bin fishing out the bags infront of customers -cat poo all over the carpark, when we were told a wagon would empty it. we were also told that we would have to use special yellow bags -these bags are incredibly thin and instead of us getting rid of 1 black bag of waste a day were using 6 yellow bags so they dont split (taking alot of extra time making 5 trips from the cattery to the bin store instead of 1). after a few days we received a phone call saying they had made a mistake and instead of £23 an empty it should actually be £57 an empty, were only a small business and cant afford this -we'd signed a 12 month contract several weeks earlier and now they said they would simply cancel the contract then. this is disgusting customer service -they are finalists of the knowsley enterprise awards and liverpool environment awards -which our business was also a finalists for and this is why we contacted them in the first place, how they can be winning awards when this is the type of business they are running is unbelievable. he's now passed us on to t.c bibby and sons who are the company they subcontracted our job too to sort it out. -from day one we've been pretty disgusted with the service and the fact that we signed a contract for £23 then a few weeks later they tried to put it up to £57 is just not on -thats the whole point of a contract. -this company can not be trusted, the fraudulently lie to businesses to get them to sign a contract then go back on it, they are obviously desperate for work due to the hard sell and constant phone calls. we were told today that they genuinely through a wagon would be emptying our waste -showing that they dont even know anything about their own company or companies they subcontract the work too. -dont go near B&M waste!

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