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England, Greater Manchester, Rochdale, 8-10 Rooley Moor Road, OL12 7AX
01706 390790

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Michael Rowland


I contacted seller by email and discussed my interest in one of his cars, he seemed interested in conversing and over a number of emails we made the changes that was needed. The car I was interested in only had a few months test so he said he would get a years test, which he did and answered all my questions and concerns. I decided I would go and see the car the only bad part of this so far was he said car was worth more with a years test and that he wasn't willing to lower price, I never expecting him to as I was going to see car at price it was advertised as. I went by train because I was 80% sure I would buy it if all was as said, I met him at train station he was well manared and polite and felt comfortable with him, in fact he seemed stright foward and easy to talk and discuss things with, I liked him and when went to view car he put no pressure on and let me take it for a test drive, even give me a lesson as I never drove a automatic before. The only fault I could find with car was a taped mirror and one of the back windows wouldn't work but I wasn't buying a brand new car so overlooked that, there was a issue whe I was driving it which was due to being low on petrol but once I put petrol in car went fine. Other then that car was as advertised and I decided to buy, transaction ent through fine and went to drive car home. Drove lovely till I got home and engine light come on, I plugged in my obd2 reader which I thouht EGR was malfunctioning. Cantact seller and he seemed concerned but felt his interest wasn't like when I was buying car, he didn't seem to respect my form of communication which is where I suppose he was losing a 5 star service. As it was it wasn't the ecu it was coild pack it had gone driving home in o way do I think seller new anything was wrong. I felt if he had of showed more concern and respected I just brought the car and a fault accured and had reason to be concerned he could of got that extra star, as it is I have now repaired the back window and mirror and put a coil pack and new spark plug and car drives as it should. Certainly consider buying a car from him again, just felt the aftersales let him down a bit. Before he sold the car he was willing to go all the way to answer my questions but after not as helpful. He would of helped if he had to but I felt as I was being a pest and a seller should never let a buyer feel that way, but certainly like the car and he sold the car as he knew it was, I fully accept fault accured driving home and seller had no knowledge about it. Had i had car a few weeks before this fault accured he would of never heard from me but an hour after having car was different, but overall a pleasent service and happy with car so 4 star service.

Source: Cylex