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England, Tyne and Wear, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 5 Charlotte Square, NE1 4XF
0191 232 0403

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Ix Celdam Scarontux


I remember what was then called The Free Press back in the late 70s, so there is a long tradition to this great company. I think it goes back further still. The Free Press was then a cooperative, and I hope it still is. Some of the people who worked there were real characters, who were so interesting that I wrote about them, though most of my writings from this period are lost or mislaid. I especially remember Charlie Cattell, who was dedicated to the occult and who became a great friend of mine, though we argued a lot about the meaning of life and our purpose in it. The Free Press published my first poetry outside the school magazine, which were published in an anthology, and I read them at Morden Towers, not realising the significance of the venue. (It was there where Basil Bunting read his great poem Brigg Flats) Monica Frisch, the great ecologist, published all of her early productions at The Free Press, as far as I know, and the place was regarded as a vibrant hub for left-wing and/or green projects even before the term green was in common use. I wish The Free Press a far longer life than it has enjoyed already. Its influence on me as a writer and a political thinker can hardly be exaggerated. In 1985, four friends and I set up a wholefood co-op in Newcastle partly under its influence, and this, as I understand it, was a success, though I left Newcastle soon after. Stephen (Steve) Philp, poet

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