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Marisa Kamall Source: Cylex | 23.07.2020
Not a good experience.

Firstly, the guy was 30 minutes late. Walked straight in, didn’t offer to take his shoes off and walked straight upstairs through the property. He proceeded to walk through the property and took loads of pictures. Then they asked for extra money for an extra “landing” and “hallway”. Honestly we are talking £50 for 2m squared in total. When some of the bedrooms were already tiny so it wasn’t like it couldn’t have been factored in. The pricing just isn’t transparent and is a total rip off. It’s a Victorian house and so has really small hallways with one step separating them - these all count as separate landings / hallways. I read some reviews below after when the same thing happened.

Then refused to leave the property and tried to charge us 30% cancellation fee. We ended up paying extra. The job was £300 and took 1hour !!). You have to pay this upfront too - I’ve never had a company make you do that before and knowing the job was so bad, we should have insisted that they leave after the initial experience. They were also supposed to clean the mattresses both sides and only did 1 both sides. There are still stains on the mattresses too when their site claims to remove everything. It wasn’t like it was wine or anything, they just rushed and couldn’t be bothered - that was clear. Again, a five bedroom house, 3 mattresses and an armchair in 1 hour. I’m not an expert but you couldn’t even Hoover the place in that time.

Wouldn’t recommend at all.

The company responded offering me a £25 refund or for someone to come back to the property and redo the poor work. Because of this experience we didn’t want the work redone so asked for the £25. Subsequently after reading the review they refused to give me the £25 unless I changed the review. I would rather lose the money than not tell the truth.
Lisa Biamo Source: Cylex | 25.03.2020
Very good
It is the first time of dealing with Happy house company. The team was very thorough and professional. Our house looks clean and refreshed. Would definitely recommend.
Lighto Admin Source: Cylex | 03.03.2020
Very good
We have had 5 visits already of Happy house staff and we are really satisfied with the service they have provided. Their cleaners are really professional, they go very much into the detail and the quality of the cleanings is to the highest standard. Will keep using it!

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