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Gavin Marsh Source: Cylex | 01.08.2017
Pros: Alleviated my neck pain, professional and friendly Cons: A little hard to find if unfamiliar with the area. I booked my first appointment with Susanna Scouller in May 2017 as i had suffered a neck injury a few months before from carrying a heavy rucksack during a skiing trip. After the first appointment there was a definite improvement in my neck movement and a definite reduction in pain. I had another appointment the following week and after that one my neck pain completely went with just a bit of soreness now and again. I still have a slight forward head from working on my laptop but I am sure the Alexander Technique will get rid of this bad habit. Overall, my experience at the Pimlicp Centre for The Alexander Technique was very positive. I am without neck pain and I can noticeably see and feel that my posture is improving. I will continue to use the service and would happily recommend it to anyone else who has poor posture or is experiencing neck or back pain.
Phoebe Wells Source: Cylex | 03.07.2017
Very good
It does not matter how old you are or whether you have any postural habit or problem, book an appointment with Susanna Scouller of Alexander Principle. The Alexander Technique is something everyone should experience. It has brought many benefits to my life.
Dylan I. Black Source: Cylex | 22.06.2017
Very good
The Alexander Technique is great, but the trouble is that anyone can practise it. This has led me to having a few substandard lessons in the past. Do not let this put you off the technique. It is simply a case of finding someone who knows what they are doing, and this is definitely the case with Susanna Scouller of Alexander Principle.

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