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20 ratings from 1 source
20 ratings
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James W


Mark recovered lots of data from my portable hard drive and also got the drive working again. I was also given advice on how to automate backing up my important files. 5 stars.

Source: Cylex

Alan Parks


Two laptops upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Done on the same day! One of the laptops had a new hard drive installed (SSD). There is a significant uplift in the performance relative to the other laptop. Really impressed with the advice given, especially about backing up files and the windows system.

Source: Cylex

Edward Williamson


Mark recovered lots of data from my Macbook after it stopped working. Turns out the hard drive was on its last legs. We decided to put a new solid state drive in and upgrade the Mac OS at the same time. My machine is a lot faster that before. V pleased.

Source: Cylex

Bee O.


The dreaded upgrade to windows 10 was really easy. Thanks for your patience, much appreciated :)

Source: Cylex

Brian Toke


Very happy with the data recovery service I received. My hard drive stopped working suddenly so I attempted to fix it myself - tried all the suggestions I found online but no luck. Mark was able to respond quickly as I needed some of the files on the drive as a matter of urgency. He gained access to the drive and copied all the data to another drive. Turns out my drive was starting to fail - it was 8 years old!!!

Source: Cylex

Tech Novice


Super fast repair on my laptop after it wouldn't start up. Also learned some neat tricks to I can fix it myself next time. Ta very much.

Source: Cylex

Ed Davison


Laptop revamp = new faster hard drive + upgrade to Windows 10 + extra RAM. Now everything is way faster. My computer starts in about 20 seconds vs 4-5 minutes previously! My outlook email doesn't take ages to do everything. Really good.

Source: Cylex

Frederik Andersen


Had data recovered from a portable hard drive. Fast, friendly and a sensible price. Glad I called you.

Source: Cylex

Annette R


I had my laptop serviced and now it's much faster. I'm surprised by the difference it has made - my office programs are faster and webpages load in a flash. So I had a new hard drive fitted plus lots of junk files and programs removed. This was much better value than buying a new computer. I will let my family and friends know about your services. Thank you.

Source: Cylex



Recovered all my files from a damaged external hard drive. Nice work.

Source: Cylex