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11 ratings from 1 source

11 ratings
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England, Hampshire, Fareham, 2 Pegham Coppice, PO15 6RX
01329 846600

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Tim George


Never had a problem buying from here?

Source: Cylex

melanie Butler


car sales solution or css1 are w awful Avoid this company and please please do not buy any cars from them .The car we brought we realised hen driving home from the garage that the turbo had gone and wasn't working. My Husband contacted nik who told us to put it into the garage of our choice and they would pay for it to be fixed ! this we did and then when we got a quote for parts and labour to repair the car it came in at £1000 pound to which nik then informed us that it would have to come under the warranty. We contacted the warranty company who gave us the run around and took over a week to decide whether the work was covered or not. The car wasn't covered under the warranty and they told us it was down to the car sales. The car sales said they would pay for the turbo and sent one to the garage that was holding our car and it was not the correct turbo.! the warranty company said that they would pay for any labour and when told them that labour would be around £500 they then said that they would only be willing to pay £120 of it. When we now contact nik he is putting the phone down on us and has also blocked our number and also we have not received our log book., Our car has now been in the garage for a month because it has taken so long with nik and the warranty place taking their time and giving us the run-around. we have had to hire a car on top of this so that my husband can get to work.
Shoddy garage and disgusting people that work there makes me angry that they think that they can just rip people off and get away with it. Unfortunately I did not find this review sire until after we brought the car because believe me I would not have gone anywhere near these people. Any stars given are so that I can leave a review and they should be minus .

Source: Cylex

Stando Gusbert Haox


Absolute rip offs, sold me a dodgy car knowing there were faults with it. These problems arose within a day of having the vehicle yet they wanted to charge me ridiculous money to get the car back to them plus an hourly charge to look at it even though i had labour warranty!!! Avoid at all costs, I'm now stuck with a pile of s**t as I haven't got the money to fix the issues with it. The company is now called CSH1 but run by the same people - Paul Taylor and Nickolas Brettelle

Source: Cylex

Cahel Rikgi Utzex


The barrel lock does not work. I realised this, when after 1 month of having the car the key wouldn't open my car with the button, so I tried with the key and that also didn't work. So I took the car back to the dealer a month ago and they took the barrel lock out and the seller said "oh, we must have overlooked the barrel lock not working as the electronic key was working". The seller 'N**' also said they were sending off for a new barrel lock and that he would contact me within 10 days. I waited a month before I decided to call them. To which the seller said that, they didn't have it and that my warranty only covers labour and that I have to order it and then they will do the labour. I had waited well over the 10 days. If there was a problem I should have been contacted. He is a liar and all I wanted was it to be repaired and replace the barrel lock as it should have had in the 1st place. Never go to this dealer. Now they are calling themselves Car sales Hampshire ltd. But the address etc is the same.

Source: Cylex

Noxter Hotus Tavarrox


This man is nothing more than a rude ignorant bully who is only loyal to himself and money. My mate worked for him and he treats his staff just as bad as he treats customers!!!

Source: Cylex

Kus Usre Sugerrah


excellent service and great value cars with great support, friendly professional staff. my BMW is the best value of all the dealers on the south coast. Nxwak2013

Source: Cylex

Ryan Brady


Don't use! Absolute rip off. Bought a Megane which I part exchanged with a good working Clio. The car's exhaust fell off after a month, so conveniently past the warrantee. Now down 550.00 and no car. Would go into more detail if this site would actually post these instead of showing an error every time I submitted it!

Source: Cylex

Vid Uri Cydix


great service, many thanks

Source: Cylex



Don't go anywhere near this so called dealer, I put a windscreen in a Audi A6 for him and he rang me two weeks later to tell me it was leaking so my son replaced the windscreen but found nothing wrong with it, then the next day he sent me a email saying that I owed him £1674.30 for damage to the ecu caused by the foot well being full of water from the leaking windscreen so I called in to see him about this , when I got there the car was still parked where we fitted the windscreen when I looked at the car it was bone dry, I asked to see the repair bill but he got abusive and tried to push me about so I called the police, the police said that they had been to this man on a few times with other customer complaints don't go there he is a conman

Source: Cylex



This has to be the worst car sales dealership we have ever had to deal with. We purchased a car from them which broke down within 3 hours of getting it home. it was taken back about 5 times to be fixed. When they finally couldn't fix it we were given a trial of a replacement car. We had this inspected by another professional who told us the car was a death trap and shouldn't be used. We had this collected and they offered us a replacement car. Once they had found us the car we had it checked over prior to purchase. All seemed okay until the first MOT and lots of underlying problems that had not been apparent at the check. During all of the above the owner was rude, aggressive and threatening beyond belief. How this person is allowed to trade is beyond me. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

Source: Cylex