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Beardmore Street
G81 4HX Clydebank
West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

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Stan Bretton Source: Cylex | 28.06.2011
Very good
In February 1977 when I was in a dreadful state with severe heart problems that my consultant in Yorkshire was totally ignoring my G.P, who must have been a genius phoned HCI on a Friday and arranged an Angiogram for the following Tuesday at HCI, IF I COULD GET UP TO GLASGOW. I said I'd walk up there and on Tuesday had an angiogram expecting an angiioplasty but it was too late I needed a triple bypass and HCI arranged to carry one out on the same Thursday. They did that successfully and a week later i was on a train back to Yorkshire. HCI is the sort of hospital which you can, sadly, only dream about. They were magnificent. The treatment, the accommodation, the staff and the food could, from my previous hospital experience have come from another planet. I have never had such superb treatment before or since and the fact that I am writing this, some 14 years later, is a testament to their efficiency. I am always ready to complain but I can wax lyrical about my treatment at HCI. My wife came with me and stayed in the adjoining hotel which is excellent but when I went back to Glasgow for a review later they provided a bed in my luxurious room.
I have run out of superlatives
Stan Bretton
June 2011

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