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35 King St
BT1 1HU Belfast
Antrim, Northern Ireland

028 9031 1626

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06:00 - 20:00
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Recent reviews on Yably

Melissa Source: Cylex | 18.12.2020
Very good
The best gym I have been to hands down. The coaches are the most friendly, helpful bunch of people and experts in their field. They welcome everyone with a smile and go out of their way for each gym member. When I first started my fitness was at level 0 and they never gave up. Best team about ❤️
Mark Anderson Source: Cylex | 16.12.2020
Very good
Well what can i say.... Joined Hybrid gym around 3 months ago and so far it's an absolutely brilliant gym and personally I have had great results!!

The equipment is quality and the staff are only two happy to help. I would go as far as saying it feels like a big family.

For many years I have tried numerous gyms, PT sessions, fitness classes and never enjoyed going to the gym with very little success in weightloss.

Now I am excited to go to the gym every week and pushing myself more than I have thought I would have. This gym helps you understand your body and with the great help from the team and PTs; success is possible. With 18 inches down and over a stone lost I am over the moon.

so if you are like me and don't like the gym or had little or no success in the past, join the hybrid family and get what you deserve!
Cat Hull Source: Cylex | 12.12.2020
Very good
TLDR : The only thing to say about Hybrid is just join, you won't regret it!

This is a review though so I'll give you more than that.
I came back to Hybrid a year ago October past. (Leaving to go on my fitness journey alone was the worst thing I had done in terms of progression)
At the time I came in with an ongoing knee injury I had for a couple of years and was worried about how training would impact it. The muscle had atrophied and it was pretty weak.
With the care and expertise that every member of staff brings I wasn't long on my way to building my knee back up again and getting fitter.

If there are any exercises or movements that are painful/ awkward there is always an alternative or regression that the knowelegable coaches can give you.

During lockdown they continued to make sure we all remained fit and healthy putting on zoom classes everyday and having 121s with your coach.

Over a year on I am fitter, stronger, leaner, more confident, have made new friends and am part of a family not a gym!

I just want to congratulate each and every staff member (Stevie, PJ, Megan, Roisin, Andrew, John) for the amazing gym you have all created with your dedication, hard work and well for just being the amazing human beings/ inspirations you all are.

My suggestion to anyone out there reading this is, if you invest in yourself by joining Hybrid your future self will thank you!
And to anyone who is worried about how you look in a gym dont be. You will never go to a gym where people are more accepting and who don't judge anyone.
This I know as when I had my lapse in sense I tried 4 of them in Belfast!

Hopefully see you there! You will surprise yourself when you see what you are capable of!

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