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Kimberley Way
TN24 0SE Ashford
Kent, England

01233 655000

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Medix Naxrex Loot Source: Cylex | 10.02.2018
Very good
Love asda always shop hire and also love there finest fresh Belgium cookies buy loads threw my pregnancy love love love them best cookies I can say there better then the millies cookies at outlet .❤❤❤❤
Tufre Geit Cadiso Source: Cylex | 29.10.2015
Wont be shopping here anymore,terrible service with terrible management,i get my shopping delivered or click and collect and every single time something has gone wrong,missing shopping numerous times when delivered or collected which has resulted in having to go in store and walk round ourselves and get missing items (kind of defeats the intention of delivery or click and collect) manager never returned any of our calls the numerous times we have called in. Out shopping was once not delivered on the day we paid for,turned up the next day! And today we paid for 3-5 slot, its 6-30 and were still waiting... No doubt there will be shopping missing as per,needless to say we have had enough and will not be spending our money at the ashford kent store anymore.. Looks like you get our money tescos!!

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