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Review Guide - Do's and Don'ts

Customers share their experience with your company through reviews, which will become a deciding factor for potential clients. For companies, reviews helps you find out how satisfied customers were with your services or products, if and where you should improve your company.

Both when writing a review or replying to one, there are a few things to consider. The following do's and don'ts are meant to help both clients and companies.

For customers writing the reviews

do's Do's
  • Give useful and constructive Feedback
  • Detailed, specific and honest review
  • Be polite and friendly
  • Refresh your review page for further updates / replies
  • Read your review before submitting to make sure it's well written / correct
don'ts Don'ts
  • Review the wrong website / company → Make sure you evaluate the right company
  • Links and personal details ( such as names) are forbidden ( even aliases )
  • Do not use offensive words
    ○ For legal matters → Do not discriminate or defame
    ○ → Communicate with a company representative, politely explain the issue and try to amicably find a solution
    ○ A bad review is more credible if it's honest, but as polite as possible

For companies responding to reviews

do's Do's
  • Respond to a customer review ( whether the evaluation is negative or positive )
  • Fast response
  • Be objective
  • Offer solutions
  • Offensive comments are not accepted → Contact review portal
don'ts Don’ts
  • Never delete reviews yourself
  • Avoid accusations
  • If possible, no justifications (only in exceptional cases)