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Latest reviews in Holistic Medicine Practitioners

There's something magical and sacred about the Healing Temple space. Guiomar is an amazing therapist and healer. She offer wide range of…
Rosa. R, June 13, 2020
I was first introduced to pranic healing by my daughter . She was having pranic healing for herself and her little boy .
I'm the type…
Nirmal, August 24, 2019
I had my first aromatherapy treatment with Donna in 2000. It was unlike any other expereince I have ever had - my skin started improving, I slept…
Wendy Gardner, August 12, 2019
I previously had on-going shoulder pain that both the hospital or GP didn't help. After a few treatments I felt back to normal again and couldn…
Andrea LMT, June 18, 2019
After 8 weeks of lower back pain, back and forth Chiropractors, doctors and hospitals, Without any siluccess, I then heard about Henry, Just after to…
Robert Clark, February 25, 2019

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