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Recently bought VFR750 from RWF. Good selection of very clean bikes. Friendly and very helpful. Would recommend.
Duncan Priestley, December 14, 2019
Great experience with Tony and his team. Tony helped us with our design and materials and improved our initial idea. Work was completed really…
Julie Cox, December 13, 2019
Excellent people and great service! The Tutors are very approachable and supported me through doing my AET after being out of education for 35 years…
Alena, December 13, 2019
Very good value for money. Sturdy and easy to assemble, I love the brown finish
Malcolm Gladman, December 13, 2019
Linda Barton, December 13, 2019
Product arrived as expected and even quicker than the estimated delivery date. Product only used for a one off event and was fine for this short use.
palema houghes, December 13, 2019
they did what they say. I like it
John Nicol, December 13, 2019
Good just waiting for a bird to move in now
John Nicol, December 13, 2019
Not my fav feeder currently not in use and sitting in house ad seed falls out and empties within an hour, nice looking feeder but quite fiddly to…
John Nicol, December 13, 2019
Nice fleecy cosy and warm. As described
sonia murray, December 13, 2019
Call me on 07784974905
Murray Whitelock, December 13, 2019
Excellent product
Julian ohaio, December 13, 2019
Really nice camping chairs
Julian ohaio, December 13, 2019
Good company great customer service
Drelan Vanur Ontond, December 13, 2019
Fantastic experience from start to finish. Sample fabric and also a sample chair cover were all sent to make sure the cover fitted before ordering.…
Mags57 (South Ayrshire), December 13, 2019
Shifting my office in Oxford to Abingdon was a smooth process and stress free. Thanks to AG Jacob & Sons for their extraordinary removal service…
nicholaseve, December 13, 2019
Excellent, personable & honest service. Thanks
Susie Muir, December 13, 2019
It is quite difficult to believe that a doctor could attend to you at home in barely an hour. The service provided me is one I cannot forget in a…
Nahus Gecyl Rikper, December 13, 2019
Fluper is more considered as a partner more than a vendor. It is not just an organization that is selling its services to us. Fluper is our partner…
Beatriz Ellery, December 13, 2019
The work strategy Fluper follows throughout the process was highly impressive. I appreciate their work ethic. Their team of experts clearly…
Elias Tlay, December 13, 2019
Good Training Institute. Me and my friend completed our Digital Marketing Course form Bradstone Allington. Now we both working in this field. I am…
Jordan Brown, December 13, 2019
Great little shop, really friendly staff, love going in there
Alex Mackz, December 13, 2019
Great night in the gunners club. Not a squirrel in sight 🐿. Friendly staff also 👍
Chris, December 12, 2019
Craig and his dad Colin fitted my kitchen over the last couple of days and their commitment was over and beyond anything that was asked of them.…
Maureen Bennett , December 12, 2019
Responsible, respectful, efficient and fairly priced. I have had excellent service from this company for over 30 years. My friends have also thanked…
Tony Andreas, December 12, 2019

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